About Us

Tulsee.com is an Initiative to develop a concept of Gifting Greenery and evolving more greenness around our lives, which is the need of the current exploding situation of pollution and ecology disturbance. Since generations we are conditioned to gift lifeless flowers to celebrate living years be it birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions, why can’t those be changed to gifting green and our thought came into shape, picture and existence. We got along with the top brass of the Horticulture World, studied the product range of plants and live flowers, which has a good effect on health, home, office and lives. We catalogued it, did surveys to get the feedbacks and reactions of people by gifting and sharing plants for some time. Overwhelmed with the vibrant response from people, we formalized the launch of green gifting organization.


Tulsee is a greenovation of two minds coming from Media and Software world respectively, to support the cause which is necessity of life and what we are passing to the future generations.

Shailesh Sinha

The creator of Traffic News Segment (which is mostly broadcasted on all FM Radio Stations) in India, a mega regional film star, a celebrity cricket league player, national traffic expert, environmentalist with most big News Channels.

Shruti Arora

Software Engineer from University of Delhi with 10 years of cross geography global IT/Telecom experience in India and USA. A nature lover by heart, painter by soul, blogger, and a spiritual reader.